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Querying the Network
Nodes with keywords&questions
Directed Graph = Web Search
Clustering Nodes
Based on local links and profile
Team Formation
Social Behavior Profiles
Ad hoc Communication
Conversation Patching

Knowledge Management = quantifying the knowledge of the collective
Turned into a multi-billion dollar industry, but no one has really figured out how to do it…
Majority of complex knowledge transmitted though face to face interactions
Harness this communication channel – even if it is to capture only a few words – big help.

Now assume the nodes in this network are now categorized by this dynamic set of distinctive keywords, their local links to others in the networks, and the questions they ask and those that get posed them.

Short term : how office location is correlated with probability of communication
Long term: ramifications of large org disruptions – mergers / moves

Organizational Disruption Simulation
Understanding Global Sensitivities in the Organization
Org-Chart Prototyping